The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



I’m Eddie Saint-Jean, fitness fanatic and environmentalist. Welcome to my blog. Join me on this journey of discovery through wellness, fitness, nutrition and health in all forms – including the environmental health of the planet.


This blog will be a little bit different in that it will embrace the unheard of and the unusual backed up by stats, research and analysis. There’ll be an emphasis on approaches to health that are on the edge of discovery and not just the old-fangled tried and tested.

We’ll also try to combine nature – the great outdoors – with our exercise programme to truly encapsulate the spirit of ‘healthy body, healthy planet’.

healthybodyhealthyplanet.blog8Healthy Body, Healthy Planet – in the pic planets line up in the sky!

Yes, weight training, cardio, jogging etc. will be popular topics here but also meditation, the mind-to-body connection and the intricate wonders of biochemistry. Essentially, our thoughts and attitudes have an effect on our biochemistry, nervous system, cells – bodies and I aim to test every theory going.

Join me on this journey. The first step starts today!



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