Eat and Exercise Your Way To A More Youthful You

Writer Brad Krause

Thirty seconds on the internet is all it takes to find a slew of trendy health fads that probably won’t do anymore than eat away at your wallet. But, there are two things you can rely on to make you look and feel your very best no matter what stage of life you’re in: eating well and staying active. 

Keep reading as HealthyBody-HealthyPlanet expounds the benefits of both for those of us looking to get ahead of the aging curve.

Starting with Food

Ask any personal trainer and they will tell you that what you eat controls roughly 80% of your weight and your overall energy levels. Foods such as quinoa and rice are excellent fillers that provide good carbs and keep you from overeating. They also have plenty of nutritional value and are cheap and easy to store. 

Other foods such as shiitake mushrooms and sweet potatoes also have health benefits that can affect your appearance. Shiitakes, for example, contain copper, which can keep your hair from prematurely turning gray. Sweet potatoes are full of carotenoids that work to fight diseases. Further, eating orange fruits and vegetables may even improve your skin’s appearance, particularly if you value a warm complexion. Eat This, Not That also recommends drinking lemon water to keep yourself hydrated, something that will also improve the way you look from the inside out.

Get Your Body Moving

Food fuels your body so that you have the energy to carry on with your day. And part of your routine should include exercise. If you’re looking to lose weight, physical activity can boost your fat-burning efforts. Regular exercise can also minimize stress, which can go a long way toward helping you feel your best.

If you’ve burned out on certain workouts or exercises, freshen up your routine for a change of pace and so you can keep your body guessing. It’s also wise to look for ways to help stay motivated. Whether it’s an accountability partner, a fitness watch complete with a trendy band to track your progress in real-time or even new athletic wear

Other Ways To Maintain Youthfulness

  • Consider energy healing. A transformative process, energy healing can clean out the bad energy and bring in the new, helping your mind and body return to a healthier state. 
  • Keep your skin moisturized. Drinking water will certainly improve your skin’s appearance, but regularly applying moisturizer will also reduce blemishes and fight wrinkles.
  • Consider radiofrequency treatments. As we age, our collagen production begins to wane. Radiofrequency heat treatment will cause temporary trauma to the face, which will stimulate collagen regrowth.
  • Don’t wear makeup. Take care of your skin, and leave the makeup alone. Makeup is great for a night out, but a fresh face is a younger-looking face.

Unfortunately, scientists have yet to discover an actual fountain of youth. For now, food, physical activity, and skincare are about the best we’ve got. Fortunately, what you eat and what you do have perhaps the biggest effect on how you look and feel, so heed the advice above if you want to maintain your youthful appearance or, better yet, reverse the effects of aging.

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