How Self-Care Can Help Introverts Find Balance and Better Health

Writer Emma Grace Brown

Mental health professionals have always known how important it is to practice self-care, and now that self-care has become so popular, more people are catching on. This is a positive trend, but the problem is that popular self-care tips aren’t always right for every individual. If you’re an introvert, self-care activities that help some people recharge may be draining to you. Fortunately, there are useful services like counselling, tech tools, online resources, and healthy products that can help any introvert combat stress and achieve self-care. HealthyBody-HealthyPlanet shares the insight to help you strike the right balance.

Focus on Nutrition
Taking a holistic approach is important for achieving better overall health. One of the simplest methods for addressing your physical and mental wellness is to be conscious of your nutrition by eating whole foods as often as possible and taking herbal supplements. For example, avocado has healthy fats that give your brain the power to naturally fight off stress, and it’s also rich in antioxidants that fuel your body with physical energy. Similarly, green tea is a natural energy- and mood-booster thanks to the L-theanine it contains.

In addition, most adults can benefit from taking multivitamins. The bulk of your nutrients should come from a healthy diet, but even those who eat right often have nutrient deficiencies. When you start taking a multivitamin to balance out your diet, you’ll likely notice all kinds of health improvements, including clearer skin, improved mood, a boost in energy, and better gut health.

Find a Healthy Balance
Self-care is all about doing what you need to stay healthy, in both mind and body. As an introvert, that often means searching for balance between what you need to do for yourself and demands that are placed on you by friends, family, and work obligations. If you struggle with putting yourself first, a great place to start is to give yourself a health check-in. After all, your physical and mental health is the foundation for your holistic well-being.

When you stop and check in with how you’re feeling overall, ask yourself if there’s anything (physical or mental) that you’ve been ignoring. Now is the time to stop putting it off and get the care you need! For example, if you could use emotional support, working with a counsellor can give you the tools you need to enhance your mental health; a therapist can also help you find ways to ease your depression and anxiety.

Find Your Fitness Groove
Many people think being active is too time-consuming, but its numerous physical and mental health benefits make taking the time to work out essential for your holistic wellness. Another challenge for some introverts is the idea of going to a gym. If that sounds familiar, why not try an activity you can do on your own? Exercises like yoga, running, swimming, biking, and hiking can be meditative, plus they help you recharge and connect with yourself. For added motivation, splurge on a new set of earphones so you can listen to your favourite playlists or podcasts while you get moving.

Find Your Quiet Place
PsychCentral explains how we all have activities that either energise, deplete, or frustrate us. The key to better self-care is to find out which feeling you get from any given activity. Then you can address ones that frustrate you, take breaks after ones that deplete you, and make time for those that energise you. For many people, spending time in nature or doing something creative is an excellent way to find some quiet and recharge.

Banish Bad Energy
At the end of the day, one of the most important elements of self-care is having a living environment that’s conducive to relaxation. A cluttered, messy, dark home can have a serious impact on your emotional well-being, which can have a huge effect on your physical health. Take the time to organise and deep clean your home, and open curtains or raise blinds to let in lots of natural light to make your home exude calm. A simple ritual to eliminate residual negativity in the atmosphere can also keep bad energy at bay.

For some people who are introverts, finding true self-care starts with embracing this part of your personality. No one should sacrifice their own well-being to fit in with a world that demands constant social interaction. There is a way you can strike a balance between demands you must meet and what you really need to stay well.

Writer – Emma Grace Brown

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