Creating Healthy Goals While Coping With Grief

Writer Camille Johnson

Losing a loved one can be difficult. One day you might be surrounded by someone, a job, pet, or relationship that’s vital to your life, and the next, you’re left rebuilding without them. Anger, sadness, shock, or even numbness may result from such an experience. It’s common to feel all of these emotions when grieving.

What Is Grief?

In a society where people don’t talk about death and other losses outside of funerals, grief is a word well recognized, but some may find it hard to describe or fully understand. To fully understand how to grieve, you must first understand the concept.

In general, grief is a feeling of deep sorrow due to the loss of something incredibly
significant to you, resulting in emotional pain. Grieving is not confined to the loss of a loved one. People also mourn the loss of:

• A career
• Selling a home
• Relationships ending
• Loss of health
• Loss of income
• Death of a pet

It is possible to experience grief at any time in your life, even when your loss is subtle. For example, you may experience grief after moving countries, finishing school, or finishing an
old career.

Tips for Healthy Grieving

Although there’s no straightforward way to get through a profound loss, there are steps you can take to help you healthily handle grief. Grieving requires energy, and that energy will likely have to be temporarily withdrawn from your usual activities. Give yourself the same love, respect, tolerance, and understanding you would give to a friend in a similar situation.

Some helpful activities to keep in mind when grieving:

  • Accept the feeling of loneliness but don’t isolate yourself
  • Surround yourself with good friends, especially others who’ve experienced grief and will let you grieve
  • Be gentle and kind to yourself
  • Sleep more than usual. You will be physically and emotionally exhausted
  • Be open to all emotions. Realize that feelings come whether we want them to or not
  • Whenever you can, get up and stretch out a little, preferably outside

Grieving While on the Job

Grieving should not be avoided or delayed. You must go through it, even if you can’t control it all, and might have to go through it while working. The process can be difficult, and you must find a way to manage it while still doing your job.

Telling your coworkers can make it easier since having their understanding and patience may allow you to have the time and space you need in the office. Taking time to grieve should also be a part of your work routine. If not, you may end up burning yourself out. Taking time to grieve amid our busy workdays can be beneficial to your overall mental health.

You could also put a picture of a loved one on your desk to help focus on the grieving process. The image keeps you in touch with your grief throughout the day and allows it to be processed subconsciously.

When it makes sense, you can even use your grief as a catalyst to pursuing a new career or even starting a business. Often, new inspiration and purpose can take you out of your rut. It can be as easy as identifying an old passion and pursuing it, but also make sure to do the due diligence before jumping headlong into a new venture, especially an ambitious one. Protect yourself by forming an LLC to limit your personal liabilities, and get the help you need to file your paperwork, create a business plan, and more.

It Takes Time to Heal

Above all else, know that it will be okay. Grieving is difficult regardless of the circumstances simply because modern culture does not allow much space. Visit Healthy Body Healthy Planet for more tips on being kind to yourself.

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