The Healing Effects Of Lavender

Plant Medicine is becoming increasingly popular and research shows that nature itself has a calming effect on us and eases feelings of fear and anxiety.

Certain plants and herbs such as lavender and camomile have well known calming effects. However, lavender has been scientifically proven to do so. Medical research shows lavender can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression by calming fear circuits in the brain and stimulating the GABA neurotransmitter which increases relaxation.

Scientists have compared it to a low dosage of the sedative drug Ativan (lorazepam) in effectively reducing anxiety. Sweet-smelling perennial lavender also calms inflammation and cools our over-worked, over-stressed bodies.

We interview Julia St. Jean, owner of StJHerbal which sells many lavender and camomile products. She talks about their healing qualities and explains how and why her products are free of chemicals and artificial colouring.

How does lavender soap help heal the body and mind?

Lavender soap is great for relaxing, destressing and soothing your aching joints. For skincare, lavender can also be used to treat minor skin conditions like rash, redness, acne and eczema. I usually use lavender and shea butter soap on my face and body, whilst relaxing in a bath infused with lavender and Himalayan sea salts, which I also sell as bath salts. The soap produces a gentle lather. Also, my lavender and shea butter soap is a perfect choice for soothing and moisturising your skin.

You’ll be pleased to know that I am working on adding more soaps with lavender ingredients to my Etsy shop. Of course, they will all be uncoloured and 100% organic. I am proud of the fact that I do not add any colouring to any of my soaps. All soaps are sold in their natural raw state.

What are the healing properties of lavender and camomile tea? When should you drink it?

Lavender & Chamomile is one of my favourite tea blends. Both are great for the relaxation of the body and mind. Drinking this tea before bed also aids a restful, relaxing, peaceful sleep. As a skincare product, lavender and chamomile tea can also help clear skin conditions and chamomile is known to decrease the signs of ageing.

Because of the soothing, relaxing effects of this blend, some women also drink chamomile and lavender tea to reduce menstrual pain. Other benefits of this blend include lowering blood sugar and blood pressure levels, also it’s good for the immune system and digestion. This tea is a perfect all-rounder!

Regarding the lavender eye patches you produce, how do the lavender and camomile ingredients help heal eye swelling?

My Lavender and Chamomile Under Eye Pads are great for relieving puffy and tired eyes. I have suffered from puffy eyes for most of my life and tried hundreds of products – including well-known brands and handmade eye treatments. Fed up of wasting my money on all these products, I decided to create my own puffy eye treatment blend. I also wanted a product I did not have to use every single day.

I mixed chamomile flowers, lavender buds and almond oil to create this plant-based herbal product. Both lavender and chamomile have powerful antioxidants which drain fluid from under the eye area. This herbal blend reduces inflammation and helps eliminate under-eye bags. 

As regards the product mixture, I have chosen not to sieve away the herbal ingredients, therefore the buds and flowers remain in the solution.  Some people may call this treatment messy but I call it raw. I refuse to ‘pretty up’ this treatment with artificial ingredients and fancy packaging but instead give you a 100% organic product, that’s handmade with genuine care and attention. 

Further info on StJHerbal’s Lavender and Camomile products.

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