Lockdown London: The most scenic jogging routes

We’re affected by what we see as much as what we do. Your environment can prime you for happiness, health and success.

Jogging routes

With London in lockdown, options are limited for joggers seeking the capital’s green beauty spots. But if you live close to the Royal Parks you can check out this amazing 10k route that takes in views of the Thames, Victoria Tower Gardens, St James Park and Green Park.

Start at Westminster Station and head for the Churchill Statue then bear left along the Houses of Parliament. Jog past Parliament Square and Cromwell Green and into Abingdon Street – eventually, you’ll arrive at some scenic parklands called Victoria Tower Gardens,  just behind the parliament buildings. A statue of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst is at the entrance and another easily found landmark is the statue of the Burghers of Calais by French sculptor Auguste Rodin.

Emmeline Pankhurst Statue of suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst

BurghersThe Burghers of Calais 

Continue past the statue and follow the route along the River Thames. Up the steps and a left turn onto Lambeth Bridge brings more spirit-lifting views.




Fight the urge to stop for a cuppa at the Riverside Cafe on Lambeth Pier and continue along the Thames route with views of Parliament over the water on your left shoulder.

Thames3 That message on the bench is motivational but you’re not quite at the finishing line yet.


London Eye

This circumference of Parliament and the Thames will eventually bring you back to Westminster Station. Continue past the statue of Winston Churchill, but this time in the direction of St James Park.

St james Park 1

St James Park 3

Beyond St James Park you’ll find the familiar red tarmac of The Mall leading to Buckingham Palace. This magnificent and historic building is hard to miss!

Buckingham Palace1

Buckingham Palace

Just opposite the Palace is Green Park, with Constitution Hill stretching up to Wellington Arch. Go as far as the arch but instead of continuing onto Hyde Park, jog round the outer edges of Green Park until you get to to the top of Horse Guard’s Road. This road will take you back towards St James’ Park with Horse Guards Parade, the statue of the Earl Mountbatten and Downing Street on your left, in that order. Your run ends where this road comes to an end. Well done!

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